More on Staging homes

Staging a home is not an easy 1-2-3 process.
Preparing a home for showings to the public and potential buyers is an extremely
important step in the home selling process. Combine a well-prepared home with a
well-designed and presented Visual Tour and the first steps of harnessing
the internet’s marketing reach are in

It is truly astonishing the
number of Realtors who do not put multiple photos, information sheets, etc.
online. It makes those of us who have taken the time and money to invest in the
technology more marketable, but it makes it much harder for my buyers! The
number of my clients who have said they don’t look at properties without
interior shots is amazing!

reality of internet marketing is that of an auction! That is why companies like
eBay are so successful. Instead of selling to one consumer, you place your
product before many! So, in real estate that means instead of relying on the
agent that is familiar with the product or neighborhood to sell your home by
their enthusiasm, why not take full advantage of the visual appeal? So, as
opposed to having a few multiple offers, you have many! In this scenario more
persons join the bidding process because they have enthusiasm for your listing!
They have to have this home, and do not want to let it slip away. So in this
case, prices will go even higher.” From RealtyTimes

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