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New Reality Show Debuts – “The

Not The Apprentice nor The
Survivor this time it’s, The Broker. Yes, the ‘real estate’ Broker – a
combination of survivors and apprentices. The challenge facing contestants is
simple. Take all your life savings, secure a high-traffic high-rent location,
furnish it lavishly, install tens of thousands of dollars of technology, beg top
producing agents that work for other Brokers that used to be your friends to
work for you, give each agent at least 80 cents of each dollar that comes in the
front door,
accept the total
legal liability
for the actions of
all the agents you recruit,
thousands of dollars to advertise listings in newspapers knowing that no one
really reads the ads,
buy a brand
franchise that collects
six to
ten percent
off the top of every
dollar you earn, contract with as many lead generating companies as possible
paying up to
35% referral
for business referred to you by
non-brokerage third-party companies, join a relocation network and discount your
business by agreeing to pay at least
30% on referred business
corporations, affinity
and other Brokers and finally,
adopt a commission schedule that provides for commission splits that are always
just higher than your competitor’s. And now contestants – for your objective.
You must do all this with this with your head-down running your business and
your rear end in the air to assure that you are a better target for all those
predators seeking a piece of your transaction
. Winners will be measured on their
ability to make more than when they started as an agent. A reality show?
Probably not. Just the reality of being “The

-Ken Jenny, RBSC
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