Agents’ value-adding

Morning blogging as I work on an
offer-presentation letter.

today’s Inman News (link won’t work tomorrow) –
“it’s important to communicate exactly what
your role is for both sellers and buyers. The buying public mistakenly believes
agents earn huge commissions for marketing or locating properties. Any
experienced agent knows that 80 percent to 90 percent of the work during the
transaction is making sure it closes. The agent is the CEO of the transaction.
From the moment an agent meets a potential client until well after closing, the
agent directs a complex series of

This is often lost in the cloud
that is the public’s misperception. Particularly in this hot sellers’ market,
homes may often sell themselves. A good Realtor can add tremendous value not
only to the market value of the home (frequently thousands of dollars). Good
Realtors will (not
minimize the great stress associated with buying or selling. It has been said
(by me as well) that the sale or purchase of a home is often the most expensive
transaction in ones’ life. There are so many details and liabilities that are
involved that it is far better to have professional representation.

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