Dave Barry takes on Mass Transit

A humorous and possibly enlightening
perspective on mass transit. I would absolutely love the opportunity to take
light rail to work (assuming I didn’t have to show houses or drive clients!),
but transit is simply not economically feasible. Where is the Tipping Point where taking mass transit is more
valuable than driving one’s car?

haven’t fact-checked Mr. Barry’s citations, but found this interesting –
there is the cost, which is–obviously–$52 billion. Less obviously, there’s all
the money spent locally keeping local mass transit systems operating. The
Heritage Foundation says, “There isn’t a single light rail transit system in
America in which fares paid by the passengers cover the cost of their own
rides.” Heritage cites the Minneapolis “Hiawatha” light rail line, soon to be
completed with $107 million from the transportation bill. Heritage estimates
that the total expense for each ride on the Hiawatha will be $19. Commuting to
work will cost $8,550 a year. If the commuter is earning minimum wage, this
leaves about $1,000 a year for food, shelter and clothing. Or, if the city picks
up the tab, it could have leased a BMW X-5 SUV for the commuter at about the
same price.

The rest of the
article is at the Opinionjournal.com.

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