Where to advertise.

The advent of the internet has led to quite a change in marketing homes. Who among you has not checked the local real estate listings online?… What pick up the local newspapers (other than to browse at lunch) and look at a limited selection of probably-already-sold houses when you can go online and look at everything that is currently available, RIGHT NOW?

Consumers are switching to online. The simple reason: it’s searchable,” said Charlene Li, principal analyst for Forrester Research. “Online you get pictures, walkthroughs, you can search by price, location, proximity to schools. In the paper you get a few lines of text. You tell me which is better,” said Li.

This is why the bulk of my marketing dollars are spent on online marketing. THAT IS WHERE THE BUYERS AND SELLERS ARE. Step one is understanding the market. Step two is planning. Step three is actually DOING something about it!

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