Buyers Use Sly Tactics To Win Bidding Wars

Interesting article this morning. Not
all the cited tactics are “sly,”

Writing letters presenting
buyers is not a new tactic; I do for all of my buyers (when time permits). Any
edge that we can get is one that we should

Some realtors say a
heartfelt cover letter with a sales offer can mean the difference between a
seller’s choosing one bid over another. With a cover letter, a potential buyer
can humanize the transaction by showing they really love the house, have longed
to live in a particular neighborhood or perhaps grew up in the neighborhood and
now want to raise children

“There’s always the
chance the seller loves the property and the neighborhood as well, and will be
swayed by someone who feels the same way about it,” says Mark Englund, a
real-estate agent in Reno,

Mr. Mom-ing this morning …

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