Gourmet Gas Stations

New York Post Online Edition: :

While it’s an unlikely culinary revolution, Slim Jims are making way for sushi as gas station convenience stores transform themselves with upscale eats and shed their image as junk food pit stops.

It’s an attempt by the industry to discourage the gas-up-and-go mentality and bolster the bottom line with artisanal cheeses, freshly baked breads and high-end meals that entice consumers to linger and eat — and to do it often.

“We’re trying to make these stores destinations rather than convenience stops,” said Stuart Lowry, marketing director for The Markets of Tiger Fuel, a Virginia convenience chain that offers fresh seafood, a fancy deli and professional chefs.

The Charlottesville area has had these for over a decade. Roast beef, fantastic sandwiches, wine, microbrews, coffee kiosks … My clients are usually blown away when we stop by a “gourmet gas station”!

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