The Market.

Inman Real Estate News – Time to cash out or dive further into real estate?: (Link requires paid subscription)

“Real estate is the perfect capital market scenario,” he said when I posed the “what’s going on here” question to him. “Information is readily available via the MLS for not only current listings but past listings and pending sales. Houses are priced accordingly. Houses that are ‘tear downs’ or in need of major TLC are now being priced with the finished profit in mind – in other words, they incorporate the ability for upside in their pricing – so there’s no unknown. The only unknown is whether there will be a terrorist event or an earthquake sometime in the future that will rock the basic foundation of people’s faith in the economy as a whole, not real estate in particular.”

“This is the time for pioneers,” he continued. “To branch out into areas that are rapidly becoming re-gentrified before everyone else wakes up and drives the prices up there too. There are still a few bargains out there but they are few and far between…and your neighbors might still have bars on their windows.”

This article was written specifically about the the Los Angeles and Florida markets, but it applies to ours as well. The above is a very broad, yet specific analysis of our regional market.

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