29 North Corridor planning session

What: Transportation and Land Use Planning meeting for North US 29 corridor
When: Wednesday, May 25th 6:30 pm -9:30 pm
Where: Doubletree Hotel
Why: Attendees at the May 25 meeting will hear introductory presentations from the project consultants and then will work alongside other county citizens in small discussion groups
to create the shared vision and goals that will guide the project as it continues.
If nothing else, attend this meeting for the information. The information that is filtered through media outlets is, by its nature, truncated and much will be lost. 29 Places is a unique opportunity to become involved in your community.

This meeting is described by Albemarle County as your opportunity to guide the US 29 planning process with a shared vision. There are some in the community who have voiced concerns that the Albemarle County and the Thomas Jefferson Planning District are not seeking community guidance on the shared vision and goals but are seeking to make a staff vision a reality.

The Free Enterprise Forum believes citizens can make a difference but only if they participate (bolding mine). This is only the start of this process but important cohorts will be developed at this meeting. It is critically important that ALL viewpoints are represented. Only with the full participation of the many facets of the community can a true community plan be developed.

Significant questions remain on the overall plan for U.S. Route 29 and the land uses that surround it.

I strongly urge you to attend this meeting if you have any interest in, or ever ride on, North Route 29. More than just attend, I also urge you to participate in the small groups, ask the hard questions, this is the time for open friendly discussion. Don’t miss your opportunity.

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