Designer matchmakers

Coincidentally, I spoke to somebody interested in this service just yesterday. I expect that this article will be posted as a free link soon, but in the meantime – here is a temporary link. (Edit – Permalink here)
Finding true love is one thing, but try picking the right decorator. With spending on décor and renovations up 11% last year, a new breed of entrepreneurs is moving fast to cash in: the decorator-matchmaker. Modeled after dating gurus who hook up singles, these brokers connect homeowners and decorators too busy to find each other. While a few such operators have long worked the very high end, particularly in New York, the field is expanding across the country.

As one client said – “I have a life,” says Ms. Cvetkovich, a pediatrician in Arlington, Va., with a 13-year-old son. “I didn’t want to sit down and interview a bunch of people. When I found this Web site, I thought, ‘This is perfect.'”
I would love to have these connections to offer to my clients. Does anyone have a particular person to recommend?

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