iPods’ effect on society

Many of his subjects reported using their players at work. “It can drown out noise and allows them to control their office space. Part of the motivation behind it is so that people see the headphones; it’s like a `do not disturb’ sign. It cuts out the chit-chat.”

On the street, or underneath it in a crowded subway, iPods let users carve out at least a sense of privacy, Bull said. They allow people to control interaction. Women reported using their devices to ignore–or appear to ignore–unwanted attention.

My iPod allows me to go to Greenberry’s, my favorite coffee shop, as most of my friends and clients know, and get work done without much distraction.

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  1. Sean Tubbs May 26, 2005 at 14:29

    I believe that podcasting can help draw people together, and hope that with my site, I can post programs that actually bring people more into their community by providing information through the spoken word. I purchased my iPod specifically for radio programs and to get more information. Anyone else?