St. Joseph Statue helps sell houses?

Who would have thought that burying, upside down, a small figurine of St. Joseph would speed the sale of a home?
Who knew that a little plastic or ivory statue could possess such power?
Evidently, real estate agents and homeowners throughout the country have known of the figurine’s magical powers, and have been trying to keep the secret to themselves.
From the Canton Repository (link requires subscription, so go here first.
This is about the nuttiest thing I’ve ever heard of. I am a Christian, but this seems much more like a superstition than a devout belief. Some will try anything to get a house sold. Wonder if the statue remediates mold and termites too?

If God was going to speak or send a message through intangible objects, it seems more likely He’d use something above ground, that people could see, rather than an upside-down, buried figurine.
But if that’s what God wants to use, who’s going to argue with Him? Who is man to fathom the ways of God?

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