6%? For What?

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How many times have you heard someone pitch a fit about paying a 6% sales commission when selling their home? It’s a debate heard around every water cooler come spring and found on every Internet message board where homeowners haunt. The classic REALTOR® defense is to cite the many “behind the scenes” things that sellers don’t see. Unfortunately for REALTORS®, that argument doesn’t stick because if it isn’t seen, it doesn’t exist in the mind of some homeowners…until now. Paula Bean, a REALTOR® with Carib-Gulf Realty, has documented 200 activities performed by REALTORS® from pre-listing to closing. To say it’s ‘meticulous’ is an understatement and probably would have been better if reduced to only 100 of the meatiest tasks. Regardless, it’s additional ammunition for any REALTOR® in the heat of battle while negotiating a fat commission.
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