Alternative advertising?

I am looking for alternative methods of advertising. Most of the local outlets (C-Ville, The HooK, Daily Progress, AlbemarleFamily, etc.) are already super-saturated with Realtor ads. I want something more grass-roots. Something that will grow (and grow with) my business. Any ideas? Local advertising is great, but I need/want to tap into local media with national and international reach as fewer locals can afford local real estate.

What’s next?
While real estate professionals now have a large Web presence, “Now they need to invest the time to market those Web sites. Take the time to incubate (online leads). The Internet user is a little bit different than the traditional home buyer.” Glenn also encouraged real estate professionals to provide whatever property listings they can on their Web sites, and to supply consumers with other real estate information and tools. From an Inman Story. If you want to read the whole story, please email me.

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