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Old Trail Village, which is slated to cover about 250 acres in Crozet, is what Albemarle County Board of Supervisors Chairman Dennis S. Rooker calls a win-win situation for the developer and community.

“It’s a great example of how someone has developed the neighborhood model and also been commercially successful,” Rooker said. “It’s very gratifying to see a development come forward that can achieve that.” From the DP.

Old Trail will be several things – huge. A community draw. A general asset to the real estate community. A component of neighboring Afton’s attraction. A major reason that Crozet will no longer be a small hamlet to the West of C’Ville. The changes have been coming for several years; this project serves to completely destroy any hope that that sleepiness will remain.

As a Realtor, ostensibly change and growth is good. However, I happen to live in the Charlottesville area, coincidentally Crozet, and this growth is a bit painful to watch. That there is still discussion about whether parts of the development are to be approved is astounding.

Old Trail Village, a proposed development to include about 2,000 housing units on 257 acres, would change the nature of Crozet, clog its roads and threaten its downtown, residents of the area told the Albemarle County Planning Commission on Tuesday. This is news to some people?

Crozet residents objecting to the plan said it would lead to new housing before needed road, sidewalk and school improvements are provided and would harm the vitality of the downtown.
This falls under the “Duh” category.

Interesting story in today’s DP about Old Trail. I also saw that a townhouse came on the market yesterday in Old Trail – 1900 square feet, three bedrooms, three baths, affordably priced at $409,950. The times they are a changin’.

My main questions are: Is a $400k townhome affordable? Why no new infrastructure planned? I did a quick search of the proffers negotiated at Albemarle’s website but came up short. A couple of other Crozet developments came up, but no Old Trail. Huh.

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