Old Trail hearing this evening.

Tonight is the night for Old Trail’s rezoning. Referencing the first quote from the developer, if they were “intending” to make the changes, they should make them prior to approval.

Most of the items that the Planning Commission added were items we were going to do anyway, and they just wanted us to iron out the details,” said Justin Beights of Beights Development Corp.

“I think we’ve done our best, I think it’s a good plan, and I hope it’s something that the county supports,” he said.
Those who support the plan have pointed to its close following of the county’s neighborhood model and its potential to bring new customers to the businesses of downtown Crozet.

But others have expressed concerns about strains on the school system, a lack of sufficient recreation space and Old Trail businesses that may take money away from downtown.

David Wayland, president of Crozet Community Association, asked the 44 attendees at Thursday’s association meeting if anyone felt comfortable with the rezoning. No one raised a hand.

Most of the frustration, though, has been directed at the county for not funding long-term improvements outlined in Crozet’s master plan, such as parking, better roads and sidewalks.

We shall see. The DP has more. The Board of Supervisor’s agenda for this evening.

This development is going to happen, regardless of public input. If the public can help shape the development, then we will all be happier.

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