Old Trail Approved

The Old Trail development was approved last night. The impact on the infrastructure in Crozet should not be minimized. It will be interesting to see in fifteen years whether the developers still live in the area.

Daily Progress

My favorite quote –

“As far as Crozet is concerned [building Old Trail] is like dancing with an elephant,” resident Sandy Wilcox said. “It gets you a lot of attention, but if it steps on you, you’re dead.”

Old Trail could be a really, really good thing. However, without planning for the proper infrastructure needs – roads, rail, trails to the schools, etc. life in Crozet may get very difficult. Educate yourself about how to voice your opinion at Charlottesville Tomorrow’s site.

Needless to say, Old Trail’s advertising “affordable housing” is not exactly a true statement when the cheapest property on the market is $297,000.

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