Growth, politics and the market (morning reading)

Tom McCrystal has a nice post.
Conserve energy.
The NYTimes causes a stir this morning with a report on the housing market. Why does their story get so much buzz and press?

Greene faces its future with their Board of Supervisors elections.
Greene also moved closer to approving their first CIP.

Development issues in Louisa and Fluvanna. This is a novel concept –

Harrison Rue, Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission (TJPDC), acted as facilitator for the Monday, Sept. 12 meeting. He urged the group to make a conscious effort to link land use to transportation, find ways to support development that brings in jobs, create community gathering places, and attempt to answer the question, “What makes a place a place?” (Bolding mine)

Everything in this region always comes down to money, politics and growth.

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