“A free shot”

Way off topic, but I had to note it. Bryan McKenzie with the DP has an excellent idea

In the face of an egregious violation of group mores, a group member could call for a free shot to quickly and adequately express societal disapproval. A quick consultation between the offender’s peers would determine whether the behavior deserved corrective action. If so, justice was swiftly and gladly administered on the scene.

Swift justice

A free shot was a punch administered to the offender by each member of the group without fear of reprisal by the offender. Members affected by the behavior were allowed one punch each to the offender’s arm or chest.

No strikes to the head, stomach, back or legs were admissible and any such illegal strike was immediately met with its own call for a free shot. Calling for too many free shots also resulted in a free shot.

Sure, the punishment caused minor physical discomfort but after the first few days of its novelty, it resulted in greater adherence to group norms. (bolding mine)

Most kids (and far too many adults) do not have to face consequences for their actions or inactions. Simple punishments such as this would, IMHO, lead to greater respect for others and a decrease in our victimization culture. If only this practice would gain acceptance and the sadly inevitable lawsuits could be prevented, we could have a winner on our hands. Consequences and accountability are not traits we as a society should shy away from.

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