Jack Jouett BoS Debate

The forum this evening was attended by only about twenty people, due in large part to the high school football games that were rescheduled from Friday to today.

Dennis Rooker and Christian Schoenwald disagreed on many aspects of how Albemarle is and will grow. From a real estate perspective, there are an awful lot of contrasts. First and foremost, Dennis Rooker stated that the Old Trail development in Crozet is an almost perfect model of how a new urbanist development should look. He stated that Old Trail was going to have about 300 “affordable homes” priced around $200,000. How are they going to manage that? Are they really going to sell so many homes almost 50% current market value? What kind of kooky deed restrictions are they going to have?

Cvillepodcast should have the forum posted later this evening or tomorrow morning, and I will post more details as well. WINA is on the ball.

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