Redistricting in Albemarle County

Last night the Albemarle County School Board (finally!) voted to redistrict the County’s schools. WINA and the DP have their roundups, but I think the best commentary is that provided by Brian Wheeler, the only member of the Board who  blogs about his governmental experience.

I did a search on Google that was for the following words:

lessons in humility, school redistricting

Would you believe of the over 9,200 hits the number one item was a story about redistricting in Albemarle County schools in 1993. It was written by a mediator who used the Sutherland middle school redistricting as a case study in conflict resolution.

What got me searching for insights on humility was a bible verse:

Matthew 23:12 – Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.

I want to talk about humility, not humility we might possess before a God, but rather humility before an immense community challenge like redistricting.

Brian feels, and logically argues, that the best interests of the entire community were not represented. Agree with him or not, that he has the conviction and intestinal fortitude to stand for what he believes is the right path for the County is commendable. Read his remarks; they are very worthwhile and about as transparent as government can get.

Important decisions and processes like this are why I continue to get involved and why I encourage everybody to get involved. As we grow, so must our world-views.

If we have to redistrict again in the Western Albemarle area in two years, I hope the uproar will be significant and that people remember the one dissenting vote.

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