Albemarle County BoS Forum

Last night’s forum is a podcast. Click here to listen or download.

Thanks to the Free Enterprise Forum and Wordcast productions. There were excellent questions that I have not heard elsewhere and responses by the candidates; Christian Schoenwald presents a clear and refreshing difference from the incumbent.

Mr. Rooker’s experience and longevity is his greatest detriment. The County has gotten to where it is, for better and worse, under his leadership. It is time for a change, and Mr. Schoenwald offers that change. Listen particularly to the responses to whether Albemarle should join TJPED, the question about affordable housing and whether Albemarle should switch to an annual tax assessment to see highlights of how the candidates differ.

Below is a rough outline.

Full disclosure: I am the Chair of the CAAR Gov’t Affairs Committee, who has endorsed Christian Schoenwald and David Slutzky.
Update: 12 minute summary of the event.

0:00 – 05:45 -  Introduction and opening statements
05:45 – 13:10 – How should rural areas be treated in the Albemarle County comprehensive plan?
13:10 – 18:15 – What is your vision for the rural areas of Albemarle County?
18:15 – 24:10 – Should the county use funds to purchase conservation easements?
24:10 – 30:05 – Should the county join the Thomas Jefferson Partnership  for Economic Development?
30:05 – 36:30 – How important is the business community to the future of  Albemarle County?
36:30 – 43:10 – Define how the “neighborhood model” should be employed  in the county?
43:10 – 47:50 – Would you expand the designated growth areas in  Albemarle County?
47:50 – 54:10 – How should the country address the need for affordable  housing?
54:10 – 1:00:00 – Should Albemarle County switch to an annual tax assessment?
1:00:00 – 1:06:54 – What are your priorities for transportation projects  in the county?
1:06:54 – 1:12:25 -What responsibilities do developers have to build  “interconnected” roads?
1:12:25 – 1:18:36 – What do you think of the Ruckersville Parkway?
1:18:37 – 1:23:27 – Closing statements

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  1. Brian Wheeler October 14, 2005 at 16:55

    Jim – Thanks for CAAR’s support of the Podcast for this important candidate forum. Today, Charlottesville Tomorrow has made a written transcript of that recording available on our Election Watch page. The public may find that PDF format helpful as well.

    Brian Wheeler