Northern VA taking CAAR’s lead on affordable housing

It’s a start –

Such a program would be geared toward county employees — including teachers, firefighters, police officers and nurses who make too much to qualify for Montgomery’s affordable-housing program but not enough to buy a house or condominium at market rate, Silverman said. From today’s WP.

CAAR started a similar program last year. It is good to see other localities doing the same. Providing housing for those who provide the integral community services should be a top priority for all municipalities. Local affordability has become a campaign issue, and an important one at that. That said, government should not be looked to to provide the solution for the affordable housing crisis, but should look to help facilitate public-private partnerships. We all benefit when police, firefighters, nurses and teachers can afford to live down the street rather than 45 minutes or an hour away. You can learn more about CAAR’s program here and join me in putting your money where your mouth is.

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