Gov. Warner’s transportation committee

From the Road to Ruin

Gov. Mark Warner yesterday announced the creation of a Commission on Transportation in Urbanized Areas which will, as the release says, “recommend strategies for better integrating planning and transit options in Virginia’s urbanized areas.” It’s supposed to come up with those recommendations by Dec. 31.

It would have been nice if someone from the Charlottesville/Central Virginia region had been selected. We do happen to be one of the biggest North-South bottlenecks in the Commonwealth, for goodness sakes. From now until 31 December, they are supposed to develop viable solutions to Commonwealth and local land use, transportation, growth issues? Whew. 

As one of the posters at the Road to Ruin notes: “There is not a single road, rail, finance, or development, or social services, expert on the panel. What is the Governor thinking?”

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