Albemarle BoS roundup

The Albemarle County BoS race is nearing the final stretch.

Cville Tomorrow has an informative post showing the County’s apparent disconnect (pun intended) regarding one of the more contentious aspect of the County’s planning – interconnecting roads – whereby new and existing developments may have their cul-de-sacs opened up to through traffic to alleviate traffic on the major arteries.

Listen to the podcast, specifically – 48:55 – 51:48 – Should developers develop subdivisions with “interconnected” roads? to hear the candidates in the Rio District’s points of view.

Of the candidates in the Rio District, David Slutzky seems to be the only one who articulates the difference between a theoretical solution and reality.

Gary Grant says – “I really don’t have sympathy for the first parcels … and that’s the model … then so be it. I am not worried about who has to create that development and whether it is an excess burden on them for the first few parcels.” And some developers are supporting this candidate?

The DP has a report from last night’s candidate forum. I expect the podcast to be posted soon.
The HooK had David Slutzky on the Hot Seat last week.
Gary Grant had his HooK time as well.

One of the reasons that CAAR endorsed Christian Schoenwald is his attention to affordable housing. His opponent, Dennis Rooker, believes that Old Trail is the end-all, be-all for affordable housing. When you think of affordable housing, do you think of a small condo? The choice is clear.

The Red Stater has a
good description of the Jack Jouett candidates.

This is a critical election, educate yourselves and make the appropriate, educated decision for the County’s future. My opinion, and CAAR’s opinion, is that David Slutzky and Christian Schoenwald provide the best possible options for Albemarle County’s future.

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