Candidate interviews at Charlottesville Tomorrow

We should be grateful that we have Charlottesville Tomorrow to provide these resources. In their words –

This will be as close to a fireside chat as you can get with the candidates before election day! If you get to vote in a competitive race, these interviews may have just the information you need to help you make an informed vote.

If you are planning to vote in the November 8 election (and you should be), find the time to listen to these interviews and inform yourself. These interviews are long, wide-ranging and very well worth your time.

Listen to the responses regarding Old Trail and whether the “affordable housing” aspects of this development are valid. I particularly want to see the townhouses that are in the “$200k – $225k range” (in the words of Dennis Rooker). I fail to see defined how does the Albemarle County BoS (or any government for that matter) plans to ensure that 15% of the homes at Old Trail will be “affordable.” If they existed, I wouldn’t have a problem with him saying it.

If you are looking for a clear difference between the candidates in the Jouett District, this is it.

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