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Wegmans Finally Coming to Charlottesville

Wegmans will be pushing dirt in March. The plan will go the to Albemarle County Architectural Review Board (never a non-daunting task) on Monday, Chris Stover at the Newsplex reports.

I’ve had clients tell me that they wanted to move to the south side of Charlottesville specifically because a Wegmans grocery store was coming there. Now it’s actually coming. I doubt I’ll go there other than to satiate my curiosity and to tell my clients that I’ve been there.

Is Wegmans better than Trader Joe’s? I went there a couple times after they opened but Stonefield isn’t my favorite place, and Trader Joe’s newness wore off quickly.

That said, being close to “stuff” that matters is important and this is a huge positive for all of the neighborhoods on that side of Charlottesville – Redfields, Mosby Mountain, the soon-to-break-ground Whittington, Mill Creek when the connector road is finished …

Two questions

Will the Food Lion survive?

Why will folks who live on this side of town go to 29 North now?

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Come to Siips Tonight for the Workforce Housing Fundraiser and Broker Bartender Night

Come to Siips Wine and Champagne Bar and Bistro on Thursday, November 11, 2010 from 5:30 – 8:00 PM for a charity bartender event benefiting the Workforce Housing Fund of Charlottesville.

…The CAAR Work Force Housing Fund (WFHF) was created in 2004 to address the need for affordable housing in local communities. The WFHF aids teachers, nurses, police officers, and fire fighters by providing financial assistance with the purchase of their homes. Siips is located at 212 East Main Street in Charlottesville, VA on the Historic Downtown Mall, directly across from the Paramount Theater.

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Affordable Housing in CharlAlbemarle – Treesdale Park

The development is moving forward off of Rio Road (it’s not done yet; it still needs site plan approval) … … AHIP plans to construct three multi-story buildings which will contain a mix of both two and three-bedroom apartments. Treesdale Park will also be sustainably constructed and certified through EnergyCraft and EnergyStar to further minimize maintenance burdens for its residents. As an aside, Bing’s Birds-Eye view is pretty fantastic, but their sharing tools are pathetic. Map of Treesdale Affordable Housing Development in Charlottesville Whereas Google allows easy embedding: View Larger Map

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Where is the Affordable Housing in Charlottesville and Albemarle?

Since 2004, more than $1.5 Million in cash proffers for affordable housing have been offered to the County and of that about $400,000 has been collected.

… These proffered units are required to be affordable to residents earning 80% of the AMI and are generally intended for purchase whereas public housing is generally directed at families earning incomes at or below 30% of the AMI.

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