Too few use Virtual Tours

There are 1147 properties actively on the market in the Central VA region as of this morning. Only 7% – 7 percent! of these properties use some form of virtual tour. 30% have either only one photo or no photo at all!

I simply do not understand why so few use the available tools and why the consumer does not demand a higher level of service. Granted, some properties simply do not lend themselves to be marketed this way, but the vast majority of homes do. The more people who can see inside your home (remove all personal pictures, etc. first!) the greater potential for gaining more showings and thus, hopefully a sale. On a side note, we use Visual Tours on almost every property we market.

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  1. Duane Gran November 1, 2005 at 14:54

    I have wondered similar things about MLS entries that have horrible photos, or ones that are taken at inopportune times. It makes me question the work ethic of some listing realtors, but fortunately the majority do a fine job.

    On a related note, I’m surprised how often I go to grab a information flier from a box attached to a for-sale sign, only to find that it is empty. Granted, most people are curious readers, but there are plenty of qualified buyers who may not feel inclined to look up the property later that day. It seems like an easy task for the agent and seller to refill the box.