Selling a house is no fun

I tell all my clients and prospective clients that selling a house is no fun. It’s true. Anyone who tells you any differently probably has never done it himself. Preparing for strangers to wander through your house – hopefully every day – is laborious, time-consuming and generally as far from an enjoyable experience as one could imagine. The example that I use most frequently is that of the toothpaste. Every morning, it is important to (obviously) brush your teeth and then rinse, dry and shine the sink. The whole house has to be like this. Maintaining the devotion and dedication to this constant high level of cleanliness and order can be draining and frustrating, or as David St. Lawrence chronicles, an “alternate reality.”

I have lived this alternate reality twice; it’s no fun, but ultimately rewarding in that done well, your goals can usually be met. My advice to all contemplating selling their home (besides calling or emailing me) is: “be patient – it will be worth it.”

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  1. David Lawrence November 6, 2005 at 16:05

    Thanks for the link!

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