Builders’ Blitz

Jessica Kitchin’s story in the DP this morning is a good sign that the Builders Blitz is ready to take off. I wrote about this in June, and am excited to see it coming to fruition.

It sounds like the premise of one of those reality shows: Six building teams and six architects will try to construct six houses in one week in a Charlottesville neighborhood. …

Michael Bednar, Builders Blitz design coordinator and a professor of architecture at the University of Virginia, agreed. “These are not the homes you would see in a usual Habitat project,” he said. “The houses will be more innovative and different.”

Nationwide, the weeklong project is expected to result in the construction of 1,000 homes across the United States, including several hundred for hurricane victims on the Gulf Coast.

There are several similar Habitat for Humanity projects throughout the Commonwealth. To support the local Habitat, please call 434-293-9066. This is an example of how a small idea can grow and seriously impact the community; every little bit helps.

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