Bonefish Grill coming to Charlottesville

Seafood options in the Charlottesville area are frightfully limited. When given the option, I tend to choose Rhett’s.

A new option is on the horizon – Bonefish Grill.

In an effort to raise awareness of their opening, they are offering the following (for free!):

Dinner for two (a $45 value). All you have to do is email Scott your name, snail mail and email. There is a limited quantity of these available, so please email them soon. They are planning to open 9 January.

Hey, it’s free food! Who can argue with that?

Disclaimer: One of the owners is a client of mine; what is good for my clients typically is good for my business. I make no money from this little announcement.

Update: at least 10 people have taken them up on their offer. I am a huge advocate for free seafood.

Update 2: They are hiring. Call or email them for more information!

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