Stepping back in time

While reviewing 2005 and planning for 2006, I decided to see how my website has progressed. In yet another reminder of 1) how fast the internet has progressed and 2) the value in hiring professionals to do what they do best, this is the first generation of; the second iteration, the first time we hired another company, and today’s example.

I was so darn proud of myself for teaching myself from scratch how to use Dreamweaver, and then how to actually update it!

I am constantly evaluating and looking out for the next website designer/host that will be able to provide services that are better than what we currently have. The decision to hire somebody else was humbling; it meant that I just couldn’t “do it” well enough anymore. Sometimes hiring a professional is the best decision one can make.

If you have a website, look at how it has evolved in the Wayback Machine.

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