Reputation is everything.

This concept seems so simple. Do the right thing over and over and not only will the rewards come to fruition, but business will be easier as well. When one’s reputation is such that one’s word is not questioned … that is an exemplary thing. Simple … and increasingly rare.

I am marketing a home now that is just over the one-year builder’s warranty; the Purchasers’ home inspection revealed few minor defects. I called the builder’s supervisor (with whom I have worked before); I prefaced my request for a repair with the caveat of, “I know that their one year has expired, but …” He said, “Jim, we’ll take care of it. It’s my name on that house and Mr. Craig’s name on that house. We’ll take care of it.” That was a gratifying and reassuring experience. There remain those few people who understand that one’s name and one’s word are two of the most valuable things one has to offer.

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  1. Bill Zigmund January 1, 2006 at 10:52

    Reputation is in fact everything……….. My wife and I recently purchased the aforementioned property and closed on December 30 (or so we thought). The house was our first home together after getting married in April and as you can imagine we were VERY excited just to be able to spend our first night inside the empty house. Just before we were about to pop the cork on the champagne we received a call from our agent telling us that we had not closed because of a flub by our closing company. Needless to say this was a roller coaster of emotions, we went from an absolute high when we thought we closed to the bottom of the barrell when we found out we couldn’t spend our first night in the house after traveling down from New Jersey (relo to Cville). To make a long story short Jim Duncan, the listing agent, worked long and hard late Friday afternoon with the with the attorney for the owner of the house to ensure we were able to blow up our air mattress and spend our first night in our new house. I can’t say enough about Jim Duncan, not only what he did for us (which he really didn’t have to do) but also the way he protected the interests of the seller.

    Jim, I admire your integrity and work ethic, my wife and I cannot thank you enough for working so hard to ensure we were able to spend our first night inside our new home.
    Happy New Year and THANK YOU!!

  2. Jim January 2, 2006 at 22:23

    Bill –

    Thank you. Your comment made my New Year. I truly appreciate your taking the time to write such kind words. Remarks such as yours exemplify why I work the way I do … because sometimes it’s actually appreciated!

    Most importantly, I am glad that you and your wife were able to spend your first night in the house.