New way to provide affordable housing

I couldn’t resist posting this. I think the concept is amusing, if entirely impractical.

 2006 Designla Images Gmc Gmc 2

Why commute? Adapt. That’s the thinking behind the GMC PAD, which offers an innovative look at an urban loft with mobility. It’s a home ownership concept that enables cultural and geographic freedom for the modern city dweller.

I wonder how much money went into the design and implementation of this.

Thanks to Inman.

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  1. TrvlnMn January 24, 2006 at 18:08

    Intresting concept.

    However I think they are overlooking one thing.. the “hook-ups” for things like water and waste disposal. Basically what you have here is an eco-friendly RV. It also needs to be cheaper than an RV to work. There’s a subculture of RV dwellers in L.A. (the city the auto ad references) who are already doing the same thing this ad proposes, people who are priced out of the housing and rental markets, who live in RV’s parked on the street. I guess you could call them the “upscale homeless.”

    But yeah that’s the direction we seem to be heading.