Albemarle County BoS goes RSS?

An alert reader just tipped me to this

Subscribe to the Board of Supervisors’ RSS Feed for Board Meetings

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is a convenient way to keep up with the County of Albemarle Board meetings. Once you subscribe to the Board’s RSS feed, this information will be delivered to your computer’s desktop automatically. You will be able to download an audio file (in .mp3 format) to your hard drive or audio device for listening at your convenience.

Say it with me – “Whoo-hooo!” (for those of us who are government geeks). It’s labeled TEST TEST TEST, but … Do you think some of the Supes will be dismayed when more of their constituents are able to hold them accountable?

Update 03/08/2006: A podcast popped up in my RSS feed this morning. This qualifies as a “good thing.”

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