Affordability efforts in action

The WP has an interesting article on affordable housing efforts in Prince William County, and the seemingly disingenuous efforts to roadblock those efforts.

But Supervisor Maureen S. Caddigan (R-Dumfries) said she was not ready to endorse the project in part because it could be broadened to include low-income residents. Also, she said, most of the units would be built in her eastern Prince William district, an area that she said lacks schools and other services to accommodate additional housing.

Caddigan also questioned the motive of the group, saying that Greater Prince William Community Development Center was trying to latch on to workforce housing as a way to win public funds for low- and moderate-income housing.

“Workforce housing is what we bought into, but now, it’s faith-based,” she said.

Under the proposal, county workers would get the first chance to buy or rent units. “The idea is to give the teachers, the firefighters, the public safety employees first crack at this housing,” said Regina Perrin, chief executive of MeetingHouse Corp., a nonprofit group that has worked on creating the development center with Prince William area churches. “If the county doesn’t fund us, we can’t guarantee that.”

Bastards. Trying to provide housing for service workers. Where will they stop?

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