Green building making inroads

Winds of climate change blow over big business

In many ways “going green” makes perfect economical sense. Carbon emissions come from energy. Save energy and — here’s what skeptics take issue with — lower the amount of heat on the planet that can lead to global warming. How much you believe or participate is up to you.

UVa.’s new Lawn project to be LEED certified?

“We’re planning for the next century,” Neuman said, noting the goal of making the building eligible for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification. The certification is awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council, a coalition of building industry leaders.

For green building to firmly take hold, large institutions need to lead the charge along with the grassroots movement. Hopefully this signals a move in the right direction. Where there is profit, there will be business, innovation and acceptance. Kudos to UVa. Heck, if the Charlottesville Transit Center ever gets built, it might even be green!

I have never made a secret about my desire to become an eco-broker nor of my desire to promote and market green building – this is a segment of the real estate market that is going to grow, and grow exponentially, I believe. The fact that I can feel good about it is a bonus! Better to lead than follow.

Learn to build green. (thanks to Inman)

Tax credits

Not green-related, but valuable nonetheless – Change is afoot – surprisingly enough (at least to corporate “workgroups”) in response to consumers’ demands.

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