And sometimes you are blessed with great clients

I have been working with a couple who are moving to Charlottesville. After much effort on both of our parts, losing out one one house and then a bit of serendipity, we found and contracted on the “right” house. Then today I received a call from the listing agent with a bit of a conundrum – another agent in her office wanted to buy my clients’ Contract. Hmmm. After some deliberation, I received this email from my client –

Hi Jim, seriously, it’s a definitive “no”, even though the first one was solid — I don’t want the other person (or couple) to even have the slightest hope on the house. It makes me sad to know that there is not much on the market for 200k, which is what young professionals like us can afford. To see houses with 800 sq ft going for sale for 229k, or even 219k, it difficult to accept. I understand, we all want the best, we all want to get the most of everything, but I don’t want to be part of the escalation of price. Tell the other people not to give up, there will be another house somewhere else to make them happy. God will take care of them. Sincerely. Christian

I count myself lucky to have found them as clients and am grateful for the reminder that greed is not always king.

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