A mini-revelation

One of the greatest challenges in real estate or any other business is maintaining the elusive balance between work and family. Getting to the following point has taken me quite a long time – formed in part by my parents coming to my soccer games when I was the kid while they were the Realtors (they still are).

I do not negotiate my attendance at my daughter’s soccer games. She is going to be eleven only once; – that I am the coach is secondary. When I have clients on Saturdays, I tell them that I have an existing appointment that I will not negotiate – and then I tell them that it is my daughter’s soccer game. To a person, every single one of my clients has understood and said things such as “we wouldn’t want it any other way,” “absolutely,” and so on.

What’s the mini-revelation? Those who do not understand my commitment to my family may not want to work with me; most importantly, I don’t necessarily want to work with them. This is a powerful revelation for me and for my family. Hopefully it will work out.

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