Links 04-13-2006

The real estate blogosphere celebrates one of its own stepping to a new level. This is a testament to bloggers’ influence, acceptance and the simple fact that Dustin is an innovator and leader. Here’s hoping that listens to him, lest they be left in the dust by the competition (pun intended).

Like it or not, Microsoft leads the way, not by innovation, but by volume. Those who have adopted RSS already – get ready for others to “discover” this technology. will be the first feed syndication experience for hundreds of millions of users who would love to add more content to their page, connect with friends, and take control of the flow of information in ways geeks have for years.

Do you know SEER 13 from SEER 10? After much discussion and court-time, the DOE upgraded the standard for air conditioning units, effective January 2006. Apparently, any existing units in stock may be used, but all new units must meet the new standard. This is good news for those seeking lower energy costs and higher efficiency, especially because “88% of homeowners say lower energy costs are “very important” when choosing an air conditioner.”

MLS consolidation is necessary. Currently I am a member of and about to be a member of the Charlottesville-area MLS, Northern-VA MLS, Staunton/Augusta (Waynesboro!) MLS. The major impediments (over-simplified analysis) are: money, rule variations and turf.

I was at a home inspection this morning. While there, two of the Residents rode their bikes to the Medical School. That they didn’t drive is a great thing.

1000 Barrels a Second may be the next book I read.

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