Links for 04-17-2006

The World is Flat – for those who have forgotten that we live in a global society

Without experiencing failure, how does one measure success?

In those months of walking, I learned a lot. I learned about self-sufficiency. About gumption. About who I am. And I learned a lot about this country; it’s hard not to when you’ve seen so much of it, one step at a time. But the hardest lesson was — is — failure.

Single-sex education in CharlAlbemarle?  This may be an opportunity for the school systems to be innovative and to merge the Charlottesville and Albemarle school systems. It could happen.

It’s Tax Day. Honestly, unless you are self-employed, do you have any idea how much you paid in taxes this year?

How an Influx of New Homes Could Affect One Family’s Life

Bottom line: our home’s value is headed higher, and so are our taxes. But how to quantify the new development’s impact on our daily lives?

Local real estate trends outweigh national trends

… national housing figures are largely irrelevant. But state numbers don’t matter much, either; and even city numbers are of limited value. What matters is what happens within a 10-mile radius of where you want to buy.

Hence, this blog.

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