Light blogging this week

I am away for much of this week attending the second of four retreats for the VAR Leadership Academy, and probably spending the time upon my return catching up. This time we are in Natural Bridge, just past beautiful Lexington, home of my alma mater, VMI.

What are the chances these guys are wrong?

Bill Gates, John Doerr and Steve Case believed in the Internet long before Wall Street did. Now, they’re betting on the next great “disruptive” technology: alternative fuels and other environmentally friendly products, but this time other investors aren’t far behind.

And we will soon have wind technology in our backyard.

The alternative fuel economy is going to shape how our region grows, whether we like it or not. Read this post at Bacon’s Rebellion for more insight.

I cannot stress this enough: Our scattered, disconnected, low-density pattern of development is a significant contributor to the increase in Vehicle Miles Driven and gasoline consumption. Over the past half-century, Virginians have built an auto-centric physical infrastructure adapted to a cheap-energy world but maladapted to an expensive-energy world. All the signs are there for anyone who’s paying attention. But our political leaders continue their Business As Usual transportation and land use policies, differing only in the extent to which they are willing to dedicate new revenue streams to perpetuate the ancient energy regime.

Is business as usual acceptable?

This, too will shape the future of CharlAlbemarle.

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