Links of interest 05-05-06

It’s a busy week; these are a few of thing items worth paying attention to.

Thus, even with both the price increases and the recent the upward creep in interest rates, homes are still more affordable than they were before 1992.

After much debate, Albemarle BoS decides that encouraging 1,000 high-paying jobs to move here is a good thing.

The green home trend continues

Albemarle County BoS progressively adopts podcasting its meetings!

Housing futures?

Bernanke speaks (via Econbrowser)

At this point, the available data on the housing market, together with ongoing support for housing demand from factors such as strong job creation and still-low mortgage rates, suggest that this sector will most likely experience a gradual cooling rather than a sharp slowdown.

With Energy Prices up, Saving at Home is Now Paramount

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