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Real estate, green and traffic …

Chicago’s going green (HT: Raising Kaine)

Regarding Zillow, et. al:

raw data without human analysis (looking inside and outside since the data was collected) is useless. Zillow is really useless because you still need a professional to determine if zillow is wrong & by how much. ANd if zillow is off by a mile so what–zillow isn’t backing up anything it says.

I hate to post something with so many capitalization errors and typos, but the above point is true. Without interpretation of the data,the data will be just that – meaningless numbers that may or may not be accurate.  (Good) Realtors are going to have to develop, maintain their professionalism and offer – get this – service – to survive and thrive

How will consumers become clients?
What will the 29 North Corridor look like? Is it too late?

If you question whether political blogs have influence, read this.

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  1. TrvlnMn May 16, 2006 at 21:39

    Re: Chicago going green.

    Daley’s head is still swimming from all the cash the city is going to get (or has gotten) from the sale of the Chicago Skyway.

    Additionally this is probably just another stunt to keep the headlines off the corruption scandal that’s plagued his administration, but that he’s thus far managed to avoid by pushing his friends and allies “under the bus” (so to speak). The trial of some of his closest aides are now underway this week.

  2. RACN June 7, 2006 at 15:17

    This is about the green in Chicago! You know trees, flowers, alternative energy, grass, not green as in money. So now someone cant lease or do anything else to help out the budget? if you lease something not sale, lease and sale are two differnt things, then that person is automatically hiding something? Do you know all the “good stuff” the mayor does everyday, do you always open a newspaper and go for the bad news, are you really that pathetic. Do you live in Chicago, in one of the poorest neighborhoods such as I do? have you ever stopped to think that when a mayor does something it might be good for his city? And dont tell me that someone who loves Chicago, trying to make it the best enviromental city and set an example for other cities in the US is doing it to cover up a scandal.

  3. TrvlnMn June 8, 2006 at 01:15

    Do you know all the “good stuff” the mayor does everyday, do you always open a newspaper and go for the bad news, are you really that pathetic.

    I read the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times daily on the internet. I have family that lives in Chicago. I certianly don’t have to dig for the bad news when it’s plastered right there on the front pages daily day after day week after week, month after month.

    Mayor Daley is a politician in the middle of one of the biggest corruption scandals in Chicago history. Yes it might have an honest benefit to the citizens of Chicago, but the timing makes it suspect. It’s Mayor Daley saying, “Look at all the good I’m doing surely you can forgive a little wrong doing when I’ve done so much good.”

    It’s an effort at distraction from the real issues about the violation of the ‘Shakman decree’ against political hiring by city hall by Mayor Daley’s closest aides, where he effectively created a ‘patronage army’ using preferential hiring and promotions with taxpayer funded city jobs to guarantee loyal political volunteers to “get out the vote” for the Mayor Daley and whomever else he decided to support. It’s a scandal that has Mayor Daley’s fingerprints all over it. And the only reason he hasn’t yet been indicted by Patrick Fitzgerald in the Federal Corruption probe, is because Mayor Daley’s top aides haven’t yet rolled on him.