All businesses require leaders – be they technological leaders, moral leaders or those who will lead the fight. I came across this speech (transcript) from the Citadel’s Commencement service and feel the need to share.

First: Grow where you are planted.
Second: Check your moral compass frequently
Third: Make decisions.
Fourth and last, and this is the most basic: Take care of those in your charge.

Fundamentally it is true whether you’re in civilian life or the military. It is easier to get forgiveness than it is to get permission. Just go do it. That’s why you’re getting paid, that’s why you’re there. Make decisions.

In other words, better to beg forgiveness than ask permission. Many leaders forget number four.

We need more leaders who can earn the trust of those who need to be led.

Thanks to the Southern Conservative for the heads-up about this speech. The speech is here on the Citadel’s servers.  I have posted it here. Take the 17 minutes to listen as the transcript does not do the justice.

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  1. Darrell May 17, 2006 at 14:45

    Thanks for the link. I agree, the transcript doesn’t do the speech justice. General Pace’s delivery and presentation are compelling and very important. I plan to burn the speech to CD and give a few copies to some friends who I’m sure will get a lot out of it.