Friday Links – 07-14-2006

As the week winds down for most (I am gearing up to continue showing throughout the weekend), these are a few stories worth reading, each of which relates in some way to the CharlAlbemarle region’s real estate market.

Ardell at RCG has two outstanding posts –

Negotiating Fees with the Buyer Client
If wishes were horses, beggars would ride – a call for civilizing the process of the real estate transaction.

Thinking Entrepreneurially about Transit

CoolTown Studios has this:

53% of 24-34 year olds would choose to live in transit-rich, walkable neighborhoods, less than 25% of middle-aged Americans are interested in living in dense areas. Source: CNU

– Demand for housing within walking distance of transit will more than double by 2025. Properties within a 5-10 minute walk to a train stop are selling for 20-25% more than comparable properties further away, and going up. Source: Center for Transit-Oriented Development

If we want to remain a vital, vibrant community, we should take note.

What’s a government to do when their massive annual raises stagnate? under fire

Online home valuations are useful, but …

The desk-top appraisal said the home would be worth $400,000, but the drive-by and on-site visit lowered it significantly, to the $305,000 to $320,000 ballpark, which Mr. Hagar said would be the most accurate for our purposes.

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