Local real estate blogging

The CharlAlbemarle real estate environment (I hate the term “blogsophere!) has been active over the past year. A couple of blogs have come and languished and a couple have come and prospered. Now, it appears that the first company real estate blog may be primed for launch. 

Roy Wheeler Realty Co. seems to have installed WordPress on their site. As interesting as a company blog may seem, I am most intrigued by what their company policy will be on blogging. This is a new realm; most real estate blogs are individual bloggers. The corporate blog is a different animal, both from a opinion-expression point of view as well as the liability point of view. An interesting experiment awaits.

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I debate internally whether to write about other local real estate bloggers, but feel that the community aspect of both the real estate community and the blogging community overreaches my personal desire to succeed. We are all better with a more open, frank and honest dialogue and cooperation.

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