The various ways people come to this blog make me laugh.

how to trick housing inspectors mold

how to cheat housing authority

Luckily, neither person found what they were looking for here. Both stayed for less than two seconds. Ah, the internet: the source for all those seedy questions.

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  1. Blair July 23, 2006 at 17:19

    How about searching for “Housing Authority cheats”? Your blog doesn’t come up. But a more balanced list does: how people cheat housing authorities and how housing authorities cheat people.

    My blog doesn’t come up either. But I’ve never used “cheat” in connection to housing authorities. But I have used the words crime, felony, eminent domain, unconstitutional, ethnic/economic cleansing.

    “Housing Authority felony” returns an interesting list of hits.

    It’s not unusual for real estate companies to move properties seized by housing authorities. Rumor has that Real Estate III Independent (Charlottesville) came into existence in 1972 to move seized properties. But that’s an unsubstantiated allegation so far. However, most of the oral history assertions I’ve had time or been allowed to investigate have turned out to have merit.