On Call

At a dinner party last night, a client of mine asked me whether I ever felt like I was “on call.” I gained him as a client when he sent me an email on a Sunday afternoon, an email that he almost didn’t feel was that necessary to send. And I answered it in less than 10 minutes. Answer? Yup, sometimes I do feel like I am on call. Take today for example. I received two calls within 10 minutes of each other – one from a current/past client and one whom I am working to earn their trust.

I decided that the relationship with my older clients was most definitely worth dropping what I was doing (spending time with my family) and going to meet a close friend of theirs who may be moving to the area. Did they appreciate it? I hope so. Did I appreciate their recommending me to their friend? Absolutely.

The second call proved equally rewarding – a young couple seeking to purchase their first house together, green to the market and in need of guidance and representation. I had met them once before and really like them and would like work with them. So I went.

Did I make the right decisions? I think so. Did I miss my family? Yes, but if I am able to pay the mortgage because of my efforts and my clients, I will most assuredly have made the right decisions.

One day, I just might have other agents working for/with me, but I hope to never lose the desire to do what I do. It makes it worthwhile.

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