Albemarle County Development Survey

If you don’t speak, no one will listen.

As of today, about 300 surveys have been completed. The Albemarle County Development Review Survey has been out since 18 September. It is a survey designed to give the special Task Force and thereby the Board of Supervisors (BoS) input into the development process and the efficiencies/inefficiencies inherent in the process. Note: It’s not a referendum on growth!

I have received emails from the Sierra Club, Free Enterprise Forum, Piedmont Environmental Council (if I recall), and a couple of on-the-ball readers. Not to mention Albemarle’s excellent A-Mail program.

Seriously, take the survey. With about 84,000 residents, probably 75% of whom have internet access (~65,000 people) 300 responses (0.46%) is mighty paltry. That’s a pretty meager response rate for a populace that professes great concerns about the growth process.

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